Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Renovation: Exterior

Our house is getting some major face lift. You see, we bought an established home with desire to fix it up via DIY projects because we were young and thought it would be the best thing ever! Oh who am I kidding, we bought the house because the lease on our apartment was up soon and we didn't want to pay the month-to-month rent which was double the current rent. Plus, we were tired of house hunting (4 months) and getting out bid.

While we regret purchasing this house (now), our first home will always be our first home. With the poor economy refraining us from putting it on the market without accepting a huge loss, the hubby decided we might as well move forward with our initial vision and plan to renovate the house to make it ours. And be proud of living there!

You already saw the beautiful landscaping we've done to the flowerbed so the next thing on the list was to repair the exterior (Masonite). I'll let the pictures show you why they were begging to be next in line for an upgrade.
I'm so embarrassed... Apparently there were termites
back there too. No bueno!

Evidence of rain and harsh Texas weather

Warping Masonite

Weed eating damage. Not from us! We inherited this.
Lucky us!

Thanks to an awesome customer of ours, he hooked us up big time with the materials and labor. Thanks Josh! So down comes all the Masonite and up goes hardiboard. Since everything was torn down, the hubby decided we should give the house a complete makeover by choosing a different paint color. What an awesome idea right? Well, I'm Mrs. Most Indecisive Person Ever and deciding on a damn paint color scheme was a total nightmare! We perused our neighborhood for ideas, but nobody else had Masonite. Fail. We went to Home Depot and Lowe's to check out paint chips and exterior paint suggestions, but nobody had the design we had. Sigh.
Thick design boards

After a week of contemplating and numerous petty fights (sorry love!), we called our friends, Vandrew, over to help us make the executive decision between the three choices we narrowed it down to. 
Beige walls with dark brown trim

Beige walls with burgundy trim (BOOMER SOONER!)

Light grey walls with navy blue trim

And the winner is....
Beige walls with dark brown trim

Looks like a brand new house huh? With the exterior of the house done, it was time to move to the back. Up next: the pool deck.

What color scheme would you have chosen for our house?

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