Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Mondays!

Today's Random Monday emoticon:

Item in question:
My wonderful hubby bought me a new purse (not) for Valentine's Day this year, and have been battling the "crap, I keep losing my shit in this bottomless pit" due to the constant shift of purse contents. It's rather annoying. Enter Purse Bling. They totally have it together in regards to this bottomless pit issue! Purse organizers - brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant! Now all your crap belongings have a home. A pocket for the cell phone, sunglasses, pens, meds, etc. According to Purse Bling, there's even a special pocket for business cards. I'm totally in for one, but now I can't decide which one to get! So help a home girl out will ya? Which do you think I should get??

The Purse To Go Original:
It has 8 pockets and a "bottom"

The Joey Junior Purse Organizer:

Has 6 pockets and wraps around the interior of your purse.

Which do you like/prefer? Once y'all help me decide, I have to decide on which color. Oi vey! This is way too many options for totally indecisive moi. Feel free to recommend a color too if you'd like!

P.S. The owner of Purse Bling, Jerilyn, even personally emailed me to help me determine the proper purse organizer size for my purse. Talk about customer service! Love it!

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