Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Mondays

I've been in Canada for work since last Sunday hence the lack of updates and the Random Mondays post on a Tuesday. Bare with me as today's post is totally random and much babbling of thoughts. Feel free to move along to more well thought-out and composed blogs. *cheesy, happy face*

Work in Canada was crazy hectic, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous. High of 75 and lows of 65? Yes, please!
The evening/sunset view from my hotel room in Montreal 
Beautiful flowers in the hotel lobby. Reminds me of my
wedding bouquet. Le sigh.
The view from Canoe, a restaurant in Toronto
on the 54th floor facing Lake Ontario, the CN
Tower, and Porter airport on a drizzly afternoon.

Looks like I brought the beautiful Canadian weather back to Texas with me:
You're welcome! I'm still working on the rain part...

Labor Day was spent, well, laboring. At the donut shop. Wait, that's not what Labor Day is about? Well, crap! Oddly, I enjoyed my time at the shop because that was 1 extra day I got to spend with the hubster after being gone for a week with no form of contact other than emails. Yay for more quality time, even if it's at work!

We're 6 days into September now, which means we're less than 2 weeks away from our 1 year wedding anniversary! Holy moly!! I need to get a move on finishing our wedding recaps - stat!

How was your Labor Day weekend? Anybody else welcoming the cooler weather?

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