Friday, September 9, 2011

Always & Forever: Getting Ready, Part One

My buddy, Chad, and myself were the first to wake up following a brief 3 hours of sleep. His reasoning - to beat the girls to the shower. Me - pure adrenaline from the slumber party and what the day ahead had in store for me. It's wedding day!

I situated myself into one of the comfy chairs in the conference room and turned on my laptop to write a quick post on my old blogging stomping grounds. You know the classic "this is it! Months of planning and today's the day, sappy sappy, cheesy cheesy, le sigh" post.

Shortly after hitting Publish, BM Amy rung the door bell to our suite (yea, we had a freaking door bell. Told you Catherine was freaking awesome!) and the rest of the girls began to stir. Meanwhile, my makeup artist sent me a text saying she was running a few minutes behind, but was bringing along another artist with her. Did panic set it? Slightly, but knowing we had another artist on the way, I put my big girl pants on and chose to stay cool. It's only the biggest and most important day of my life...

The girls kicked me out of the conference room so that they could discuss their speeches for the reception. I figured this would be the perfect time to write my "I Love You and Can't Wait to Marry You" card to my soon to-be-hubby. Before I knew it, the makeup artist arrived and we wasted no time getting the girls hair curled and styled and makeup put on. It was so much fun watching all my girls get beautified.

Then it was time to make me look like a bride with all the wonderful ladies of my life looking on
 Meanwhile, there was conversations to be had
Accompanied with plenty of laughter

Rumbling was starting to happen also. Hunger rumbles. Chad and Lay met up with my future hubby and headed out to grab everyone breakfast. Just FYI - Chad and Lay were tremendous helps all day. They were absolutely invaluable to us! An hour later, they returned with over 50 breakfast tacos and french fries/tator tots from Whataburger. We were hungry enough to devour 2 each. Maybe 3, but who's counting!

Before, I knew it, the final touches of my makeup were put on and it was time for everyone to start getting dressed...

Side note: Since we were leaving for our honeymoon a few hours after the reception, I packed my luggage and brought it along with me. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to pack my "getting ready" dress! *facepalm*

*All photos above are courtesy of Colorband PhotoArtisans

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