Saturday, September 10, 2011

Always & Forever: Getting Ready, Part Deux

With hair and makeup complete, it was time for the bridal party to start getting dressed.

With the ladies all set, it was time for me to officially be a bride!

But first, the bride and groom gift exchange! My gift to the mister:
I got him a nice Italian leather wallet from Nordstrom...
a "lil black book" from my boudoir shoot
...and a lovey dovey card!

From the mister to moi:
My first flowers EVER from the mister. Seriously
What the girls thought of my reaction to the flowers 
A card from the mister 
And I thought I wrote long ass cards!! 
and the pair of sunglasses I knew he got
for me all along.  Perfect for our honey-
moon in Hawaii!

After all the excitement from opening presents, it was officially time to done the great white dress. Apparently, I wasn't the only one exciting about putting on the white dress. Love my soon-to-be nephew's expression!

I totally rocked the Sexy Lil Bride panties 
Gotta make sure the ladies are nice and lifted. 

Meanwhile, let's check on the boys since they slept in till 11am! Must be nice not having to worry about hair and makeup that takes a few hours to put on eh?
A quick lil brush and hair is done! 
Quick lil face wash and "makeup" is done. Really? 
Fresh breath is a must! 

With the boutonnieres pinned on, the guys were ready to go!

Wait, is that Chad being emotional about his buddy's big day?
He's too cool to be emotional. Ha!

Uh oh! Phone pinned to the ear with this facial expression by the groom can't be good...

With friends and family beginning to filter into our suite to offer their love, support, and congratulations, it was time for formal bridal party portraits to warm us up to the camera.

Side note: I totally forgot to remove my wedding dress from the dress bag to let the wrinkles fall out the night before. It wasn't until the photographers asked where my dress was the next day so that they could photograph it did I realize my big crapola mistake. Thank goodness my dress has little rosettes in it to help cover/hide wrinkles if need be!!
*All photos above were taken by Colorband PhotoArtisans

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