Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Mondays

Today's Random Monday emoticon:
Item in question:
I attend the Plano Bridal show with future bride-to-be, Hany and another girlfriend yesterday. Guess who I ran into while stuffing sampling cake bites and perusing the aisles of the bridal show? My wedding videographer, BJ from Roman Video Productions! We were in the last aisle of snaking through the show when I heard someone call my name. I literally shouted - BJ when I recognized who it was!! That's not only what got me all excited. As we were concluding our encounter, BJ sweetly said, "Tell Sothea I said hello!" I was completely. speechless. Y'all - she remembered my hubby's name!!! I didn't even recall my hubby's name when we first met, or the next few times we met either... Sothea isn't exactly the easiest name to recall, but dude! She totally nailed it! Almost a year after our wedding, she still remembers. Le sigh. Is she freakin awesome or what?!

Have you encountered any pleasant surprises lately?

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